So you want to work with us…

Yay! That’s awesome. We love working with brands. Here are some of the brands we’ve worked with in the past or are currently working with now!


Swamp Rabbit Inn - Greenville, SC

Swamp Rabbit Inn - Greenville, SC


We’re not your typical
travel influencers!

We’re travel storytellers.

We’re not just shooting a beach or a skyline. We’re taking our followers and readers on a journey through the world.

We’re meeting people.

We’re visiting breathtaking places.

We’re tasting delicious food.

And we’re telling the stories as we go.


When you work with us we won’t just showcase your product or service and say, “Yeah. It’s cool.” We’ll tell your story and integrate your product or service into ours.

TravelOn sponsored travel bags and they quickly became more than just a purse and backpack. They’ve become a staple in our international travel.

Mindshift Gear sponsored a camera bag that has changed the game when it comes to packing tech for photoshoots.

Viking Cruises opened our minds to new places. They gave us new adventures to share with our followers.

Everything is a story and it’s all part of our grand adventure.


The Stats.

You may not want to work with us just because we’re awesome and we tell great stories. Understandable!

Here’s a breakdown of our most notable stats:

10K monthly reach on Trippin’ 1K email list subscribers

10K monthly reach on Trippin’
1K email list subscribers

12K followers  4% average engagement rate

4% average engagement rate

5K collective following Engaged audience

5K collective following
Engaged audience

49K impressions Growing following

49K impressions
Growing following

What We Offer

Travel: We’ll promote your city, cruise, or other travel experience through our blog and social channels. This will increase your brand awareness through creative travel storytelling. Content can be provided for you to use as promotion as well.

Product: We will integrate your product into our travel or lifestyle content. You can rest assured that we won’t just name drop you or pop your product into a one-second pitch. You’ll become a part of our brand and we hope to become a part
of yours!

Content: Need new content? We’ll take your product or service and create high-quality branding and marketing content (i.e. photos, videos, etc.). Then we’ll give it to you so you can use it however you’d like with your promotions!

Brand Ambassadorships: We love working with tech and travel brands through ambassador programs. But we are open to partnering with any brands that fit with our message (and vice versa) and sharing them with our loyal followers!


Ready to work with us?