Corfu, Greece and Why You Need to Visit

During our Mediterranean Odyssey cruise on the Viking Star, one of our stops was Corfu, Greece. It was also one of our favorite stops on the entire itinerary! Here are five reasons why Corfu, Greece is majestic and you need to visit now.

First things first, check out our Corfu travel diary!

Number One

The most obvious reason you should visit Corfu, Greece is because of the stunning views! Everywhere is basically a photo-op, but some of the most notable spots are Corfu’s Old Town, Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse Island. The Monastery and Mouse Island are pictured in the thumbnail for our video and is the most photographed spot in Corfu. For the best vantage point take a drive to Kanoni and take the photo from the high vantage point. Then you can follow the Garitsa Bay coastline to the Old Town.

Since Corfu is a fairly small island, navigation isn’t a huge problem. But to save yourself the struggle, you can book the included tour on the Viking Mediterranean Odyssey cruise. They take you to the perfect photo spot!

Number Two

Ummmm cats.

If you love cats like Jenni then you’ll love Corfu’s cat culture. Yes, cat culture. They’re everywhere and most are adorable and friendly. On our photo stop for the Monastery we met the sweetest kitty and stood petting it for at least five minutes. It was a dream!

Make sure you’re smart about the cats. Don’t try to pick them up. If they give you signs that they’re not interested in your affection, walk away!

Corfu (6 of 44).jpg

Number Three

The people in Corfu were some of the nicest we met on our adventure through the Mediterranean. Whether you met them on the street, at a restaurant or in a shop, they were kind and welcoming.

They made us feel like we were at home instead of wandering through a foreign country. We truly never felt like strangers and we wanted to stay in Corfu for longer than a few hours. We’re already planning a trip back!

The people on this quaint Greek island reminded us why we love to travel. It’s that feeling like your world is bigger because of the knowledge, but smaller because they feel more like family than strangers. It’s pure magic that you need to feel for yourself.

Number Four

The food.

Oh my gosh, the food!

We went to the delicious The Address 92 restaurant and ordered two different platters. One was for meat and cheese and the other was spreads and bread. We’re still talking about their tzatziki and hummus and it’s been three months… it was that good!

The prices were affordable. The food was yummy. The coffee was strong. No complaints!

The food in this region is also unbelievably fresh! Eat some!

Number Five

The fifth, and most important reason we think you should visit Corfu is because of the atmosphere.

It sounds ridiculous, but Corfu is truly one of the most magical places we’ve ever visited. The feeling of walking along the coastline is freeing. All of your worries and cares get washed out to sea.

Walking through the streets of Old Town makes it feel like you’re in another world.

There are lots of tourists, but it feels like you’re apart of some kind of fairy tale. Like people are going to start popping out of windows singing.

You see the tourists, but you also see so many locals. You feel relaxed and right at home.

Have you ever been to Greece? Which islands were your favorites and why?! Let us know in the comments!