Marseille, France || A Photo Series

Marseille, France was a stunning coastal city. Our time there was short, but we had time to capture a small sliver of its beauty.

The few hours we spent in Marseille was spent on a coastal bus tour and a self-guided walk through the city streets. The highlight (besides that stunning views!) was the chocolate shop we visited during our walk.

We stumbled upon this gem and immediately walked in when we saw the tiny chocolates lined up inside the window. La Chocolatérie de Marseille was a living dream.

We spent 80 € in this shop with absolutely no regrets. An assorted box of chocolates, Jordan almonds, chocolate topped with dried fruit and nuts, and macarons.

Holy. Moly.

The chocolate was the smoothest I’ve ever tasted! The chocolate circles topped with the dried fruit and nuts was to die for. I don’t like dried fruit, but I couldn’t get enough of this!

Then there were the macarons.

Oh my gosh, the macarons.

The most delicious and perfect macarons I’ve had in my entire life.

When I think of Marseille, France, I’ll always think of La Chocolatérie de Marseille. Make sure you visit them if you’re ever in the city!

Now that we’ve talked about the best part, here’s our Marseille photo series.

Have you been to Marseille? If you have, what was your favorite part?


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